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My name? Just called me R.T.W..

Why I really eager to contribute to Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu (WBM)?

Well, I was fed up with Malaysian Politicians and languages activists. They all suck. Saying things and things yet, the action is slow!

The politicians said that we need to update our knowledge with keeping it to its original resources which is in English. Really? Then tell me about the German, Japanese, and all of Europe that keep still their mother tongue language?

Weird isn't it?

The activists argued that Science and Technology should be in BM yet I see no effort from them. What they do is blaming on the government.

I then wonder how can I contribute with the knowledge I gain (which is in English). I saw our main language center, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, is at lower state. They work slow in translating language saying that they are few funding to them.

I look and look. Finally I got the answer. While browsing on the Internet I saw Wikipedia is one of the top google search. Yaiks! They say Wikipedia is a source you should not believe. Then to my shock there is one in my native language!

To make the story short, I'm now a real Wikipedian! Well the journey ain't that simple, but let it stay that way. I don't want to cramp you all with the detail. It might scared you to death to become a Wikipedian.

I really loves my language. I don't want it to be a 3rd class language because the Malay keep on fighting for ridiculous reasons. They've been drifted away by the fact that Internet nowadays need Malaysian to keep it up fast.

We should not toddling around anymore. We should run! And running to a pace that will keep WBM stay fast is what I'm intend to do.

If it's not in my time, I will pass the baton on my children... We should not loose in this Wikipedia world!

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